Terms and Conditions: All my offers are provisional and I reserve the right to change the offer in whole or part at any time. Your order is simply an offer to enter into a contractual agreement. That contract comes into existence only with the shipping of the ordered item. Your order is regarded as valid from the time we receive the electronic notification of it. We expressly reserve the right to change or amend, delete the page in whole or in part without separate notification. I also reserve the right to suspend publication for a period or completely. Orders which I accept by sending an electronic confirmation or by delivery will be expedited at the best price on the day of the order. All prices are quoted by us in Euros and, unless expressly noted. My prices do not include the costs of packaging and shipping.

About payments: I do NOT accept any credit cards, being in my opinion a too risky payment system for both sides, sellers and buyers, surely MORE risky for buyers!  But, you can use your credit card with PayPal, that is a fast, easy, safe, and INSTANT payment system! I suggest you to subscribe with PayPal. www.paypal.com If you are a PayPal user, please ask my PayPal directions. I will answer soon emailing you with a very clear info message, and the figured "bill". If you are not a PayPal user, here my other accepted payment systems Wired bank transfer, from your bank account to my bank account that is fast and safe, in Euro. I would email the necessary details. Then you can pay also with Postapay, italian payment. My goal is to may make all kind buyers perfectly satisfied, and to have them as returning customers. If you are in hurry to receive an item, any our items, with PayPal + Fedex you could have it in 2 days! Payment must be received in full prior to delivery.

About shipment:
I would prefer to ship by Fedex, that is fast, and recently VERY reliable! But, it cost so Registered Air Mail service by Post is slower, needing from 7/10 working days, and it is quite reliable. It cost less, from Euro 10 to 40, depending on the weight, but it NEED all your patience! Anyway, If you NEED a delivery in a reasonably certain and SHORT time, the Fedex is a MUST ! Cameras and accessories will be shipped to the buyer using a reliable shipping company including full insurance cover in transit. Buyers will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Pay attention: The cameras and accessories featured in this website have mostly been used within a professional environment and as such will display a degree of wear and tear associated with machinery that is some 50 to 100 years old. Rather than detract from the item's value, these 'battle scars' can sometimes add to the enjoyment of the piece. I do not believe in heavily restoring the cameras, but on occasion, may repair or replace missing parts if deemed necessary. I will endeavour to describe the item as fully as possible and provide a detailed photographic record. With this in mind I sell cameras and accessories on a 'as seen' basis, and offer no refunds once purchased. It is the buyers responsibility to satify themselves that the piece is to their requirements. The cameras are sold as 'collectables' and as such I do not guarantee that they would be suitable for shooting, although this may be possible in most cases. The items are sold “as is” with the exclusion of any form of warranty. Items sold will be perfectly packed, but they travel at buyer’s risk. No refunds will be given for lost or damaged shipping.